**Promotion Alert**

18 June 2024

Join the Lockwood Group in congratulating our new Group Operations Director, Jason Lockwood.

Since joining Lockwood in 2018, Jason has built on his family’s legacy with the company.
From a young age, he has been deeply involved in the business, gaining valuable experience.

Jason’s dedication is evident through his numerous accomplishments.
Starting as a Business Administration Apprenticeship, he familiarised himself with every department within Lockwood.

Last June, he earned his C+E licence 🚛 , and this year he completed a Business Finance course to further enhance his skills.

Jason has been instrumental in the company’s growth, spearheading the opening of new depots and managing the merger with SR Smith and Son.

He is highly regarded by Lockwood, our partners, and customers for his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service.

In his new role, Jason will oversee operations across the company, focusing on efficiency and implementing initiatives to improve and maintain overall performance. His leadership will be key in helping us achieve our company objectives.

We wish Jason the best in his new role and look forward to watching him continue to excel!PromotionAnnouncement CongratulationsLeadership LockwoodGroup TeamLockwood NewRole CompanyGrowth Dedication OperationsDirector EmployeeAchievement LeadershipExcellence FamilyRun