Meet The Team!

7 May 2024

Meet Mitchell Sims!

Mitchell commenced his journey with Lockwood in 2010 right after completing his A-levels, initially serving as a transport administrator. Over time, he navigated through various roles, honing his skills in customer service, warehousing, and transport operations/planning.

Presently, he holds the pivotal position of backload and subcontract controller. Recognising Mitchell’s potential from the outset, our management swiftly facilitated his acquisition of CPC national and international certifications, which he accomplished with success in 2011.

Mitchell is held in high regard by Lockwood and our customers alike for his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service consistently.

His primary objective is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers’ needs while nurturing relationships with both new and existing hauliers.
Mitchell meticulously undergoes a rigorous approval process before we on-board any partners, ensuring alignment in values and services with our own standards.
Additionally, he contributes daily to the company’s planning operations.

Mitchell’s extensive experience, commitment, and hands-on approach contribute to Lockwood’s ongoing success within our transport team and enhance our overall customer experience!

Mitchell is a great asset to our team!