Meet Lauren Broadley

21 June 2024

Meet Lauren Broadley

Lauren is our Co-pack Manager and has been with the Lockwood Group for four and a half years. In true Lockwood style, she has advanced significantly within the company. Starting as an administrative assistant, she progressed to admin lead, and now she manages the Co-pack department, continually growing stronger in her role.

Lauren’s responsibilities include ensuring that work is completed to the highest standard, guiding and supporting staff to achieve their goals, and collaborating with the team to help the warehouse exceed its targets. She strives to be approachable and always offers the best assistance she can provide.

Lauren’s dedication to Lockwood is evident daily, earning her high regard from both customers and staff. Her attention to detail drives our contract packing efforts forward. She also continually seeks to improve herself, keeping her fire marshal and first aid training up to date and recently completing a mental health awareness course.

Thank you for all your hard work, Lauren! Our customers are fortunate to have you!

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