Meet Bethany Hallsworth.

18 June 2024

Meet Bethany Hallsworth.

Bethany embarked on her journey with us in 2013, marking 11 years of dedicated service with Lockwood’s.
Since starting in the warehouse, Bethany has consistently demonstrated growth and achievement.

As a HR manager, her primary focus is to offer support to both the business and its employees. She endeavours to elevate employee engagement and wellbeing, recognising their significance in fostering a positive work environment and enhancing motivation. Bethany also oversees employee development, training initiatives, recruitment support, retention analysis, and diversity and inclusion efforts.

Bethany consistently applies her expertise in communication, problem-solving, empathy, and organisation, attention to detail, adaptability, and conflict resolution in her daily tasks. Her unwavering dedication and commitment make her a valuable asset to Lockwood.

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